Barely Alive (volume 1)

Case and Davidson

Captured live at The Lorelei Florida Keys. 13 of there favorite covers by artist like John Hiatt, The Subdudes, Delbert McClinton, CSN, Lyle Lovette, The Neville Brothers, and Little feat.

Paul Case and Billy Davidson's Biography"

Once upon a time,a long time ago..

For close to 15 years Paul and Billy and Paul played in separate bands. Paul played

Captured live at The Lorelei Florida Keys. 13 of there favorite covers by artist like John Hiatt, The Subdudes, Delbert McClinton, CSN, Lyle Lovette, The Neville Brothers, and Little feat.

Paul Case and Billy Davidson's Biography"

Once upon a time,a long time ago..

For close to 15 years Paul and Billy and Paul played in separate bands. Paul played in Bad Dog, Driving Sideways, and The Paul Case Band and Billy played in Kentucky Moon, and Tour de Force. Playing throughout the central NY region opening for national acts, playing the college circuit and just trying to survive. Paul would be showing up to a gig while Billy would be loading out. Eventually they would both end up going the solo/acoustic route. after years and years working in bands, Paul and Billy were working as a solo/acoustic act. Around 1988 Paul was spending his winters in the Florida Keys, living in his van, loving it, and working @ the Pier House in Key West and moving back north for the summer. He eventually start working at The Lorelei in Islamorada in Fall of '89. Brings Julie down to work and stay for the season. Meanwhile Billy's was making a name for himself in the Central New York solo circuit. Billy and Cindy visited the Keys with Cindy’s brother Alan and Jewell Zepeda. Jewell takes pictures in March of '89 @Sunshine Key that become front cover of Billy’s first solo record ," Family Tree". Billy records summer ’89 "Family Tree" with Doug Moncrief-Production ,Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Robbie Spagnoletti-Drums, Jimmy Fricano-Bass , Anthony Perra-sax, Jon Liebing-Guitar and Danny Holmes -Tromblown featuring Billy's and Steve Holly's original songs. Released November '89.Billy and Cousin Bruce Tetley leave fall 0f ’89 to scope out gigs in Key West in September and meet and stay with North Syracuse native Robin Fear who already has made a name for herself their.Paul mentions to Billy to stop down on his way through Islamorada to see him at The Lorelei.Billy moves to the Florida Keys in the winter of 1989, lives in his van, loves it.Eventually lives on Ramrod Key with Alan and Jewell and performs on The Key West cruise ship Atlantic X and and around this time goes to Islamorada to see Paul @ The Lorelei John Maloughney, General Manager of the Restaurant/Cabana Bar "The Lorelei" in Islamorada, Florida Keys, puts Paul and Billy together Winter/ Spring 1990-91

It was amazing debut and we both new right away that we were on to something.Paul being the radical in your face blues guy and Billy with his smooth tenor voice and pop instincts. A chemistry that would serve us for many years to come.It started as a joke but we could’t think of a better name so we call ourselves "Without a paddle"Start doing gigs with Jon Liebing after a great night when Jon rolled the grand piano up to the stage at Daiker’s Inn in Old Forge one night .We had one of the our most memorable nights that night and continue to work together over the summer holidays on Memorial Day , Forth of July and Yeager day weekend !!Return to the Keys. Billy’s wife Cindy quits florist job late 1991 and joins him in the Keys.Billy continues to play The Atlantic X, and The Quay in Key West and The Lorelei in Islamorada.Paul continues to work solo and with Billy @ The Lorelei. Billy Lives on Big Pine with Cindy, Brother Alan, Jewell , Zak , Buckaroo and the Key deer. Leave for NY and get robbed in New York City Spring "92. Van gets stolen and close to $20,000 of musical equipment and family heirlooms, tapes, music and much more forever gone. Move and reside in The Adirondack Mountains of Old Forge, New York and spend our 1st summer touring central New York at each others gigs. Introduce The Rhythm Monsters to Paul who save our ass when we’re without backing tracks to play to.Continue to have many memorable moments and great gigs with the "Rhythm Monsters" Record, Paul’s 1st solo record "Roll me in my rocking chair" summer 1992 at Jet Studio (Billy's bedroom in Mattydale next to an airport) with Billy- guitar, vocals, production, Doug Moncrief-Production , vocals and rhythm section (Robbie Spagnoletti-Drums and Jimmy Fricano-Bass) later to be dubbed by Paul as: "The Rhythm Monsters" Daiker’s Inn in Old Forge, NY stages a benefit to offset expenses incurred from stolen equipment, Danny Holmes, Jon Liebing, Mark Macri ,and The Rhythm Monsters PerformPaul releases "Roll me in my rocking chair" in fall of 1992 Back to the Keys for another winter, Meet Don Blank at the sand bar @ Holiday Isle. Takes Billy for a ride in his ultralight airplane fulfilling Billy's dream. Billy starts taking ultralight lessons. Experience leads to the writing of the song "Fly with Me" Take trip to Jamaica April '93. Smoke much Ganja. Go to the straw market and Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios. Meet Jim Terra , a Chicago and Florida Keys resident and friend who helped us load our truck and who commits to financing our first original CD project "Earth Songs"

Make a side trip to South Carolina and do some gigs in Charleston and Hilton Head then Return to NY May ’93Record "Earth Songs" over the summer and work our ass off (Over 90 Gigs in 6 Months) Thank god for those "Rhythm Monsters" (Robbie Spagnoletti-Drums and Jimmy Fricano-Bass) and Ronnie D. @ Lakewood Studio. Decide to change our name "Without a Paddle" to "Case and Davidson" DUH !!!! Meet Greg Collis who tells us he knows some great folks in Amsterdam , Holland that he can hook us up with to do some gigs and see Europe, Ahh..... do we have to??? Fall 1993 Return to South Carolina and do our 1st gig at Johnson Creek Tavern and meet Ken Hughes who becomes close friend and books us gigs whenever we return to SC Take another trip to Ocho Rios, Runaway bay in Jamiaca and make a pilgrimage to Bob Marley's gravesite @ Nine Miles in April '94. Bob Marley is buried 6 feet above ground!!! Very fitting 1993-1994 Hanging in the keys . Fall of ’94 Greg Collis sets up our trip and arrive in Amsterdam, Holland and smoke much cappuccino. Meet many nice people and play some gigs. Who are those guys anyway??Work in the Keys @ The Lorelei and on a whim decide after much urging from fans to record a cheap cover cassette of our live show. Have good friend Robin Fear record series of shows featuring some of our favorite songs by other songwriters. Begin recording and finish in March. Turns out better than we expected, New friend Craig Doering agrees to back us so we can release it as a CD. Barely Alive Volume One released in May ’95 Spring ’95 Work our ass’s off again in NY to promote new record , fans notice , press doesn’t, what's new.Coin the phrase "Rehab is for quitters" Sometimes we live it as well!! Who else can drink on the job except for maybe an oil tanker captain. Summer/Fall 1995 Begin writing and recording our 3rd record "The Rhythm Of Life"

Meet Jim Cavanaugh who agrees to back record and becomes invaluable in computer artwork graphics and music production. (This page background was done by Jim for instance) Craig Doering helps out with the finances as well. Bring the tapes to the Keys and work on overdubs, decide that Merchandise can pay for our recording habit, thankfully fans agree and buy shirts, hats and other stuff. November ’95 Return to Amsterdam, Holland for our 2nd time and play more gigs. Billy gets bit by a dog, Billy get sick. Real sick. European Flu!! No! Not from the dog! Still smoke much Cappuccino2/25/96 Billy and Paul's good friend Don "Noclues" Blank is tragically killed in ultralight airplane accident. Hence our E-mail address............. Return to NY and Guess?? That’s right , work our tails off in NY Spring/summer 1996Summer/ Fall. Finish Overdubs and Mix "The Rhythm Of Life" Billy’s wife Cynthia discover she's with child, their 1st............. Around Labor day!Paul and Julie get married 9/21/96 and vacation in Europe. One hellava party!! ‘96-97 Fall / Winter Recover from long hard summer and relax back in the KeysNatalie Katherine Davidson is born on 5/21/97

Finish artwork, mastering, Printing, Manufacturing, Merchandising and finally release "The Rhythm Of Life" June 1997.. Fans love it, Press actually take notice, Syracuse Sammy's doesn't. Oh well, At least we get 3rd place for best entertainment in the Keys for the second time. End up having 6 finished songs left over from the last recording session for the next record….. Coool!!Mastering work done on the record by same person, (Eddie Schryer @ Oasis mastering), that do Eric Clapton’s song "Change the World" and John Hiatt’s CD "Walk On"……Way Cooool!!Summer /Fall ’97 Begin recording 2 new projects ,Barely Alive Volume 2 Take Cover

A Little note on the new CD In Oct.1997, just before we left from the Adirondack Mountains of Old Forge, New York to our 8th season performing at The Lorelei in Islamorada, Florida Keys we commenced work on our follow up to "Barely Alive Volume I", a CD we recorded live at a series of shows in 1995. After a 6 month sojourn performing at The Lorelei we returned to NY and finished up in July of 1998. This album was unbelievably recorded and mixed in only 10 days with minimal attention to details and special attention to just having fun. Recorded live in the studio, keeping with the tradition of "Barely Alive Volume I" and with as few overdubs as humanly possible. (Ever try singing at 10am the morning after a gig the night before?) These "Cover" songs are songs we wish we wrote and if we did we’d be dancin’ naked in Tahiti and not struggling to find Executive Producers to help finance our recording habit!! And furthermore if we were rich and could afford it, this would be our Ultimate Dream Band. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it…Credits CP 1999 CD Records, Produced by: Robbie "Ears" Spagnoletti and Case and Davidson, Executive Producers: Craig Doering, Vincent Jasinski and Family, Jim Terra, and Case and Davidson, Recorded at: Lakewood Studio, Jamesville NY, Penguin Studio, East Syracuse NY, and East Wind Studio, East Syracuse NY, Engineered by: Ron DeRollo, Steve Feldman and David Hyck, Mixed by Ron DeRollo and Robbie Spagnoletti , Mastered by: Ron DeRollo, Layout and Graphic Design by: Billy Davidson, Stick Figures (Front Cover) by Jim Cavanaugh, Photo by Jon Liebing, Manufactured by the CD Source, Syracuse, NY , Album Uncoordination: Billy Davidson, Crossroads, Intro to "To Hot"…, and Intro to "All the Time"… was recorded live by Billy Davidson @ Daiker’s Inn, Old Forge, N.Y. July 4th 1998 .....Crossroads is dedicated to Dave Roberts and to all Volunteer Fireman and Emergency Services Personnel all over the world. Thanks to all our family, friends, and fans for their support and encouragement. Back To the topOur Ultimate Band Is: Paul Case- Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals, Billy Davidson- Acoustic Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals, ®The Rhythm Monsters are (Robbie "Ears" Spagnoletti-Drums, Amadee Tambourine, and Percussion, and "Champagne" Jimmy Fricano-bass), *Mike Schoeffter-Bass, Andy Rudy-Piano, Bill Barry-Organ, Piano, Paulie Cerra-Tenor and Alto Saxophone, Julius Williams-Percussion , Frank Grosso-Baritone Saxophone, and °Sam Wynn-Piano, Ron DeRollo- Background Vocal relief , Horn Derangement’s by Paulie Cerra.Once again our special thanks to Robbie Spagnoletti and Jimmy Fricano ®"The Rhythm Monsters" for making what we do possible.

Back To the top Songs Included (1) Intro to "To Hot" (:55) (2) To Hot To Handle (3:25) (3) You‘ll be Satisfied(3:53) (4) Love and Happiness (4:05) (5) Congo Square(3:51) (6) (Can We) Slip Away (4:45) (7) Everybody’s Talking (3:01) (8) Drift Away (4;12) (9) Intro to "All the Time" (:59) (10) All the time in the world (4:45) (11) Voodoo Woman(3:53) (12) What’s Goin On °(4:15) (13) I Used To Worry (3:33) (14) Get Together (Hidden Track) (15) She’s in Love With The Boy*(4:04) (16) If I had a Rocket Launcher (5:16) (17) Special Bonus Track: Crossroads (4:58) What's next??? US Western Tour Decide to take a westeren tour of the US and visit some friends,Places, and some gigs along the way. Depart July 5th from NY and won't be back until Labor Day weekend. Tentative schedule is
6,7 Normal, Illinois (Visiting Friends)July 8th (9-1pm), 10th (9-1pm), 11th (3-7pm) Clearwater Harbor, Waupaca, Wisconsin, Chain of Lakes (715-258-2866) web at Clearwater Harbor or e mail at or for more info Waupaca Chamber of Commerce12,13 Brainerd, MN (Private Party)16 Tommy's on 15?? Fairmont, Mn 2710 Albion Ave. Fairmonrt, MN 56031 (507-235-6616)17 R.C.'s, 188 Front Street, Prescott, WI 54021 715-262-4200 E Mail Prescott is a small town located right where the St. Croix and Mississippi rivers join, in fact, right where R.C.'s is located. It is a rural community surrounded by farms, but everyone there works in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis - St. Paul) which are only 25 miles away. It's a great area.19-22 Yellowstone Nationial Park, Jackson Hole, WY., Deadwood, SD23,24 Mangy Moose (Tentative) PO Box 190 Peton Village, Wyoming 83025 (307) 733-491326-31 Reno, NVAugust 19992-8 California, Laguna Beach, San Francisco9-15 Arizona16-22 Colorado???? 23-29 Wisconsin, Michigan, Round House, Put In Bay, Ohio ?????For further details and info click here

Billy starts his 2nd solo record "Live at Morada Bay" April 99

While working every Sunday at Morada Bay, Islamorada Florida Keys, to save for the West trip, Billy decides that his solo acoustic show is gaining enough interest to record a series of shows. A CD release is tentatively scheduled for the fall of 99. Below are some photos of the show. Click to enlarge.

A new untitled Case and Davidson Studio record. Featuring the same cast of musicians and record producer Mark Doyle on Bass.When we finished our last record we realized we had to many songs so we left 5 songs off. Between those five songs and more 2 more new original songs "Turnstile" and "I Will be here for you" that we recorded during the Barely Alive sessions we almost got this one in the "Can"

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