Floating Home

Billy Davidson

Singer,Songwriter and Performer. Hails from The Florida Keys. Acoustically Driven Pop, Rock, Blues and Reggae.

Billy Davidson is a Singer-Songwriter Guitarist who has makes his living performing over 26 years mainly in the Florida Keys and also toured the US and Europe.

His repertoire covers a broad range of his favorite musicians including artists like: The Beatles, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Keb Mo, Jackson Brown, Van Morrison, Bob Marley, The Subdudes, Elton John, Sting.

Floating Home is a collection of his favorite cover songs featuring:

David Crosby "The Lee Shore Joni Mitchell "Night Ride Home" James Taylor    “Frozen Man"  Del Amitri “Tell her This" Pete Thousand "Baba O'Rielly Keb Mo “Just like You” John Hiatte "Through your hands" Steve Earle “Someday" Pete Thousand "Baba O'Rielly John Lennon "All you need is Love" Tinytown "New Day" Lee Roy Parnell “On the Road” Danny O’Keefe “The Road” Vince Gill “Jenny Dreamed of Trains” Bruce Hornsby "Barren Ground” ,”Look out any Window" James Taylor   "Hey Mister that's me upon the Jukebox"

Produced by Rob Spagnoletti and Billy Davidson Executive Produced by Mandy and Fin Parker Recorded, Mixed and Engineered by Ronnie D, Robbie Spagnoletti and Billy Davidson, Recorded at Lakewood Studio, Jamesville, NY and RV Studios, Islamorada Florida

Billy Davidson Lead and Harmony Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Mandolin Robbie Spagnoletti Drums, Percussion Hugh Burrows Bass Andy Rudy Piano Peter Baird Pedal Steel Mark Doyle Organ, Electric Guitar Ronnie DeRollo Electric and Acoustic Guitar Julius Williams Percussion All songs written by Billy Davidson except: ‘All of em! CP 2000 CDRecords

Amongst his 10 CD releases (See Below) of original music, his latest CD entitled "Kindred Spirits" was recorded with his good friend Steve Webb and is best described as POP/GRASS with Soaring vocals and Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, and Harmonica accompaniment.

Below is some info of all his past cd releases:

Billy Davidson solo "Family Tree" 1999 $14.99 CD Only

Billy Davidson's 1991 debut solo recording featuring Family Tree, Cynthia, Fear of making love, So much love,

Mystery, Dream, and Fall in love with you.

Case and Davidson "Earth Songs" 1992 $14.99 CD Only

1994 Original Studio album featuring: Diamonds In The Sand, A World Of Glass, Fly Fishing', Fly With Me, Don't Turn Away,

Perfect Imperfection, Friend Of The Earth, Move On. (To order by Mail see Below)

Case and Davidson "Barely Alive", Volume One. 1995 $14.99 CD Only

Captured live in 1995 at the Lorelei in the Florida Keys covering their favorites. Features :

Bye Bye, Real Fine Love, Shaky Ground, I Ain't ever satisfied, If I Had A Boat, The Weight,

Sweet home Chicago, The Thrill Is Gone, This Ole Cowboy, Yellow Moon. (To order by Mail see Below)

Case and Davidson Barely Alive Volume II "Take Cover" 1999 $14.99 CD Only

Their favorite covers recorded live in the studio and featuring The Rhythm Monsters

and The Without A Paddle Horns. Includes: To Hot to Handle, All the time in the World,

She's in love with the Boy, Everybody's Talkin', Drift Away, Voodoo Woman, Congo Square,

What's Going On, Rocket Launcher, Crossroads. (To order by Mail see Below)

Case and Davidson "The Rhythm Of Life" 1997 $14.99 CD Only

Original studio album. Featuring: Don't Say Good-bye, Did You Think It Would Be Easy, Here On The Edge, Before It's Too Late,

Souvenirs, I Hope They Say Good Things About Me, The Rhythm Of Life, Jolie Louise, Stereo. (To order by Mail see Below)

Case and Davidson "Sounds Good, Lets Eat" 2001 $14.99 CD Only

The latest 2001 CD release with 8 original songs and 4 other favorites featuring:

Save a little bit for me, Small town man, Sarah, Turnstile, I will be here for you, Make a little magic , Ordinary man, Montezuma's revenge, Carved in Stone , I Misunderstood, You and Me, She don't want to hear about it. (To order by Mail see Below)

Billy Davidson solo "Floating Home" 2000 $14.99 CD Only

17 cover songs by his favorite songwriters including: Joni Mitchell "Night Ride Home", John Hiatte "Through your hands", David Crosby "The Lee Shore", Steve Earle "Someday", Pete Thousand "Baba O'Rielly, John Lennon "All you need is Love", Tinytown "New Day", Keb Mo "Just like You", Del Amitri "Tell her This", Lee Roy Parnell "On the Road", Danny O'Keefe "The Road", Vince Gill "Jenny Dreamed of Trains", Bruce Hornsby "Barren Ground" "Look out any Window", James Taylor "Frozen Man" "Hey Mister that's me up on the Jukebox" (To order by Mail see Below)

(To Order by credit card using the web Web go to http://cdbaby.com/cd/cdrecords1 )

Billy Davidson's solo "Baker's Dozen 13 Songs in 13 Years" 2002 $14.99 CD Only 2002

Compilation of 12 years of songwriting and recording featuring: Don't Say Goodbye, Small Town man, Did you think it would be easy, Turnstile, Fly with me, Diamonds in the sand, Don't Turn away, A World of Glass, Perfect Imperfection, Souvenirs, Cynthia, Family tree, She don't want to hear about it, and a special bonus Track: Jolie Louise. (To order by Mail see Below)

(To Order by credit card using the web Web go to http://cdbaby.com/cd/cdrecords2 )

Billy Davidson and Steve Webb "Kindred Spirits" 2005 $14.99 CD Only

Pop Grass, James Taylor Neil Young, Tom Waits, John Prine, Hoyt Axton. Billy Sings Plays Acoustic Guitar and Harmonica while Steve plays Mandolin Acoustic guitar and sings and both play bass and percussion. (To order by Mail see Below)

(To Order by credit card using the web Web go to http://cdbaby.com/cd/cdrecords3 )

2005 Fall Schedule (October to January)

Mondays and Wednesday 6-10pm @ The Lorelei , Islamorada 305-664-2692

Tuesdays 7-11pm @ Island Grill , Islamorada 305-664-8400

Thursdays and Sundays 6:30-10:30pm @ Morada Bay, Islamorada 305-664-3225

Saturdays 5:30-9:30pm @ Outback Steakhouse, Islamorada 305-664-3344

To Contact:

Billy Davidson

804 Madrid Road

Key Largo, Florida 33037



To order CD's by Mail send $15.00 per CD and $5.00 Postage and handling to above address.

(Make check or Money order out to Billy Davidson)

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