No Place On Earth

Billy Davidson

The new studio album "No place on earth" is the culmination of two years of writing and recording 10 new songs.

"No place on earth" the title track to Billy Davidson's 2011 studio record is the story of his move from Syracuse, NY hometown to his new home for over 20 years in The Florida Keys. A culmination of two years of writing and recording 10 new original songs,such as "Rock Harbor" of which he explains "I wrote it on the guitar but soon realized how it worked well live on the mandolin. It has an Irish shanty thing going on. I brought it to my friend Jon Liebing in his studio 10/2011 and recorded it in 2 days at his studio with me playing mandolin and lead and background vocals and Jon playing drums , keyboards, guitars, Slide guitar (listen for the birds), background vocals. Jon also mixed and produced. I found out after researching, that Key Largo was originally "Rock Harbor". It was only after the famous movie "Key Largo" starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall that the powers that be realized that they could capture more attention re-naming it Key Largo. There's "Carolina" that reflects times spent in The Low Country of South Carolina. It could also be a gal named Carolina. Also recorded and produced by Jon Liebing in his home studio 7 2011. Billy Plays acoustic guitar and lead vocals and Jon Played the rest. And "My way" A rocker featuring blazing electric guitars and a hook that never leaves you.

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